Welding work

We provide comprehensive welding work, which is performed by qualified and experienced welders with a wide range of experience, who are able to participate in various types of assembly and production activities, such as. on Piping Systems in accordance with EN ISO 13480, which are in the range of NDT from 100% (Our staff focuses on welding high-strength steels type P91 in which he has many years of experience.)

Pressure and non-pressure vessels Welding methods include MMA (111), TIG (141), MIG (135), MAG (136) methods, their combinations and orbital welding under assembly conditions. The qualification of our welders is periodically verified according to EN ISO 9606-1 under the supervision of experienced welding inspectors.

All welders have passed certification tests according to the requirements of international standards:

  • EN ISO 9606-1: Qualification tests for welders. Fusion welding.
  • ISO 14732 Welding personnel. Approval tests of fusion welding operators and resistance welding classifiers for fully-mechanized and automated welding of metallic materials

Supervision over the fulfillment of the requirements of the quality system in welding according to EN ISO 3834 - 2 is provided by qualified personnel with the level of qualification IWS, IWT and IWE together with the organizational unit of the quality department ensure quality controls according to specifications and customer requirements.

Our company is specialized in various welding methods:
111    T    BW    FM4    s13    D50
111    T    FW    FM4    t13    D50
111    P    BW    FM6    s14

141    T    BW    FM5     s1.5    D48.3
141    T    FW    FM5     s1.5    D12

135    T    FW    FM4    s13    D50
135    T    BW    FM4    s13    D50
135    P    BW    FM3    s14


Piping work

We provide the performance of professional locksmith and piping works, which are carried out by trained and experienced locksmiths and pipefitters with the ability to read the drawing documentation needed to perform assembly and disassembly work.


NDT tests

Our certified staff ensures the performance of NDT inspections for the purpose of inspection and validation of production and assembly welded joints with qualified and experienced personnel. Employees are certified according to STN EN ISO 9712 and are also authorized for pressure equipment according to PED 2014/68/EU. The range of services provided is as follows: VT, PT, MT, UT, RT.